q       My cat hammocks are made from used pillowcases that have been donated to the shelter.  If you prefer new ones, or special prints or colors, or your own used ones, you can send it to me and I will be happy to custom make them for you.q       The batting I stuff the pillowcases with is all new material.  q       The hooks I provide are 1-1/2 inch metal hooks. (click to enlarge)

q       The hammocks are machine washable/dryable and will last as long as the pillowcase holds up. Please note that I am a cat lover, not a professional seamstress!  q       The hammocks come in various sizes and fit various size cages, but I can make any size you specify.

q       Not all cats enjoy going in the hammocks.  (Go figure.)  So for the ones that don’t, we use the hammocks on the floor of the cage as a bed.  They are real “cat magnets” and the cat will go right to them and lay down. 

q       At home, where I have no cages, (but plenty of cats), I place hammocks around the house… on the bed, on the sofa, on the windowsills etc. they keep these areas fur free.  (If only I could wear one.)  I also have a hammock or two hanging from the springs under my bed.  See below.

q      At the shelter, the cages are right up against each other so we sometimes use hammocks to separate one cage from one another by hanging the hammock vertically by just 2 hooks.  It is especially good for new cats that are frightened.  It gives them a little sense of security and privacy.





Examples of hammocks made from pretty pillowcase.

 4 metal 2 inch hooks are included